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Less Expenditure on Electric Vehicles

DATE:2019-06-12 13:37:59

Firstly, by removing the need for fuel, we dramatically reduce the cost of running!


A typical gas-powered car can burn up to half-gallon of fuel per hour while on idle.  An average consumer would typically spend a little over US$2,000 annually for gasoline and motor oil expenses. When you drive an electric vehicle, you can remove fuel costs from your budget. Instead, you only have to set aside roughly $0.01 per mile for electricity costs to charge your batteries.


Further to this, there are also significantly fewer additional running costs. Unlike petrol-powered mopeds, which need routine engine servicing, an electric motor doesn’t.


There is also no need to replace oil, ignition or clutch parts, with the only real additional costs on top of charging being for standard wear and tear items, such as tyres and brakes.