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Do electric motorcycles make noise?

DATE:2019-06-12 13:41:41

Electric motorcycles are designed in a different way than fuel-based motorcycles are constructed. Fuel-based motorcycles vibrate & make noise as you drive them. Motorcycle riders enjoy the sound of it, it’s like music to their ears, and some even tend to use after-market exhausts just for the sound. But, do electric motorcycles make any sound? This is the question riders are concerned about before buying electric motorcycles. 


Electric motorcycle design is fundamentally different than a gas-powered motorcycle. An electric motorcycle doesn’t need an engine, which was the major contributor to producing noise in vehicles. But, because an electric motorcycle makes power by the stored electricity in it, the sound becomes unnoticeable.


Another contributor to the noise was the vibration of the gas-powered motorcycles because many mechanical parts in motorcycle vibration were produced that contributed to the sound.


But, the electric motorcycle is free from the engine and other mechanical components that contribute to the noise.